The Price Of Freedom

This is a piece I wrote many years ago and recently ran across again so I am adding it here so that I can rewrite it properly someday.

July 4, 2001

“People willing to give up freedom for a little safety, deserve neither freedom nor safety.”
–Ben Franklin.

“We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
–The Declaration of Independence

Over the last couple of weeks I have read more than a couple of articles that have talked about using force against agents of the US government. That frightens me. I do not understand how we have reached this point. 

I have done quite a bit of reading on the right to keep and bear arms and the issue is rather clear. This country is at a fork in the road, and the entire country needs to determine together where we go from here. 

This country was founded by men who designed a government that had never existed before. This country was entrusted to us by those men, and there are many who would say we have betrayed that trust. 

The Bill of Rights is a document that lays out, not rights granted to us by the government, but God given rights that we should never allow to be taken away by our government. Yet that is what our government is attempting to do. There are those who think our rights under the second amendment should be sharply curtailed or eliminated. “It is a matter of ‘Gun Safety’,” they will cry. “It is ‘for the children’,” they will wail in protest. No, it is far more than that! Those men who signed the declaration pledged everything so that this country might become a nation. These were not fainthearted men, who turned and ran at the first sign of trouble; we can do no less. 

The freedom we have in this country has a very high price. I read an article last year that talked about what some of the signers of the declaration went through as a result of their actions. Many of them paid a heavy price for their actions. We must also pay a heavy price; that price is not in gold or silver, but eternal vigilance. I am not willing to die for a cause I do not believe in, and neither were these men. I am, however, willing to die for a cause I do believe in. They did not take what they did lightly, and neither should we. 

The government that was set up by these men, was set up by men who did not trust it. The Bill of Rights was written so that our God given rights were enumerated for all time. There are those who would say that we no longer need to fear the power of the government, that the people should surrender their arms in order for us to be safe. It is our arms that keep us safe, and keep us free. I can not give you a better answer to the request for us to surrender our arms for a little temporary safety than that of Mr. Franklin. It has been said many times that the second amendment guarantees the others. So we should no more surrender our arms than our printing presses. As I said earlier, this country is at a fork in the road. In one direction we see the continuance of the journey started by our founding fathers. Down the other path lies the path of disarming and surrendering our freedom. Any call for us to surrender our arms should be resisted, with our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. Our founding Fathers swore to do this, can we do any less?

This then should be the reply to anyone who wants to take way our freedom:

The Founding Fathers swore everything to help found this country and we should be willing to do the same to keep America free and strong. Are you willing to do the same to take our rights way? 

Do you feel so strongly that I should no longer have the right to keep and bear arms that you are willing to pledge your life, your fortune and your honor? 

I can not guarantee it will be necessary for you to lay down your life to get our guns, but are you truly willing to do so? 

I do not ask these questions to threaten you, but to ask you to think. Is a temporary illusion of safety so important that you are willing to give up your freedom for it? 

How can you do this after considering the high price that was paid for that freedom by all who have come before? 

Are you willing to pay that price?

Are you willing to pledge your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor? 

Understand this, I most certainly am and will! 

There is a long line of patriots who have given their lives for this country and what they believed in. Are you willing to give your life to get my guns? 

If not, then have the honor to stop this foolishness and allow honest men to live in peace.


Pleasant Read

I am posting this because I found it a nice little read and thought I would share it. It talks about a small town Pastor that grew up in Chicago and became a gun owner later in life. I am a Second Amendment supporter and I don’t own a gun but realize that our freedoms must be defended to keep them. This story talks about a normal everyday gun owner who isn’t afraid of speaking out but prefers to speak quietly most days about gun rights. Enjoy!

The Pastor’s Garden Gun: Reliable, Accurate, & Untraceable


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Letters to the National Rifle Association

I agree with him and will start doing the same, I am a Life Member as well.


I received donation letters and a phone call last week from both the National Rifle Association and from the NRA-ILA, the Institute for Legislative Action. I wrote these letters in reply. I’m sure some people will call me a hater, but I want the NRA to reform. RM

National Rifle Association of America
(Second letter to National Rifle Association of America- Institute for Legislative Action)
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

You recently asked me for money. I’ve donated in the past. I want to donate again. I will donate when Wayne LaPierre has left the NRA, and the NRA has severed ties with Ackerman McQueen. I will donate elsewhere until then.

Rob Morse
Member number
Patriot life member

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The Truth of Socialism on the Little Screen

Think about what is posted here, is your security really worth giving up your freedoms?









We know socialism fails. The question remains if citizens will believe the lying politicians and vote for socialism anyway. The media won’t tell you these truths, so here is the truth about socialism laid bare before us in Venezuela.

-Venezuela was one of the world’s largest oil producers with enormous oil reserves. (1999)

World Oil Reserves- OPEC 2017


-When legislators determine what can be bought and sold, the first thing to be purchased are legislators.. and voters.

Chavez wins again 2010. Granted new powers


-Free speech and the rule of law are a threat to government power.

Judge Arrested After Ruling Against Socialists New York Times- 2010


-A government disarms its populace so the rich and powerful can do things they couldn’t do to armed citizens. (2012)

Venezuelan Government Destroys Private Arms


-Modern infrastructure is constantly under repair. A society can’t…

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Why Encourage Recreational Marijuana?

I ran across the 10 Blocks podcast and wanted to post the podcast and my comment:

What I heard is that once again Social Justice Warriors have tried to fix a situation that isn’t broken and made things worse as a result. Marijuana use is detrimental when it is overused and overuse is very easy to accomplish, leading me to believe that legalization or even decriminalization is a bad idea. The drive to decriminalize or legalize marijuana use will do little on the political/social arena but create further damage to the fabric of society Why is there such a drive to destroy or damage the fabric of society? I really have to question the ulterior motives of the people and organizations involved in this movement. I have not even touched on the self harm that smoking marijuana may cause and am speaking only on the political level. Legalization will do little more than damage  that which holds us together, that seems to be the endgame to all this, why are we helping unknown people pulling the strings to do this? I will never support legalization and neither should you in my opinion.

The Socialists Got What They Wanted..and the Republicans Gave it to Them

This is a severe problem that must be solved, the Republican Party has to grow a backbone. They are much to prone to buckle to Democratic Progressive/socialist demands and fracture the Constitution rather than stand their ground and argue the facts and principles of the situation.


Government is more intrusive and more expensive than ever. Obama made law with his phone and his pen by issuing executive orders. Fortunately, President Trump has reversed many of these orders. Trump also restricted the federal bureaucracy.. when it was politically convenient to do so. Unfortunately, Trump also used the bureaucracy to do the dirty political work that legislators wanted to avoid. That leaves all of us at risk.

The latest example is the  firearm accessory called a bump stock. The murderer who killed 59 people at the concert in Las Vegas had a bump stock on some of his guns. Neither the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) nor the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) said that those bump-stock-equipped weapons were used in the attack, but the news media ran with the story of “deadly bump stocks.” That story became political reality.

House and Senate legislators caved…

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Science, Fantasy, and Superstition- Gun-Control Fails the Evidence Test

Some food for thought, why do people hate to be free?


I’ve watched gun-control advocates slide down the slippery slope. At first, their spokesmen said gun-control was simply common sense. Unfortunately for them, each gun-control law is a claim that can be tested. Instead of changing their beliefs as we learned more, gun-control advocates simply chanted their old arguments louder and longer. Gun-control must have saved one life somewhere, they claimed. Eventually, the gun control-talking-heads had to turn their eyes away from the facts and ignore the damage they caused. For our part, we passed gun control laws because they felt good rather than did good. Like many public policy issues, we think we’re talking about evidence when we’re really discussing how we feel.

Superstition is holding an unjustified belief because of the way it makes us feel. It is easy to think we’re too sophisticated to have superstitious beliefs. Fortunately for us, evidence is one of the best tests to…

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Disarming the Defenders- Socialist Politicians Sacrifice our Children in “Gun-Free” Zones

This country is sliding into tyranny, anarchy or hot civil war and we are now in what I would call a cold civil war and I don’t know which of the three will win out in the end because civil war could lead to the first two much easier than a restoration of a free Republic. I only regret that I currently live in a nursing home with a debilitating balance issue that renders me useless to fight if a Second Civil War breaks out, it may end up as bloody or even worse than the War Between The States. These are not pleasant thoughts for a Friday night.


Professor Thomas Sowell said it is dangerous to let people make decisions when they are immune from the consequences. That describes the school board in Baltimore, Maryland as well as other Maryland politicians. Their self-serving political decisions will get out kids hurt and killed. When that happens, these politicians will blame us and demand more political control over our lives. They will probably be re-elected after their policies fail.

I say this because the Baltimore School Board voted unanimously to disarm law enforcement officers on school grounds. That makes the officers easier victims for gang attacks. It leaves all the students at greater risk. It also lets Maryland politicians signal their virtue as they throw hate on cops.

I suspect the school board in Baltimore has already acted like the notorious school board in Parkland, Florida. I suspect they refused to prosecute and remove violent students. I know the Parkland…

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Universal Background Checks Don’t Work, so Why Do We Want More of Them?

I have no problems with a NICS check at the local Gun Store, but after three days if the government can’t back up their denial the sale goes through. If later it is found to be in error, either reclaim the weapon or swear out a warrant from the bench. This system will break down occasionally but no system run by humans is ever going to be perfect.
There is evil in the heart of every man and anyone who doubts this is either a fool or a Progressive. You are never going to be able to design a background check system that is both convenient and effective. The more effective it is will make it much less convenient for the typical law abiding citizen who doesn’t want to wait thirty days to be able to pick up his sixth handgun, made even more silly by the fact he has has his concealed carry permit for twenty years and has permit number 3! He should be able to walk in and then walk right back out with his weapon of choice by virtue of being a member of one of the most law abiding groups in the country, concealed carry permit holders. This seems like common sense gun control to me.


I’ve made mistakes before and I’ll probably make some again. That is why it’s important to be aware and skeptical as we try new ideas. There is a time for persistence and a time to ask if you’re headed in the right direction. All that came to mind as I read about the US House of Representatives proposing universal background checks for firearms owners. These background checks have failed too many times to try them again.

The fundamental failure of a background check is that it looks backward. Mass murder is not a long-term career path. Background checks do nothing to stop a first-time mass murderer. Here are the most recent examples.


  • The mass murderer who killed 12 people at a country western bar in Thousand Oaks, California passed his background checks..several times.
  • The mass murderer who killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania synagogue passed his background checks…

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