I ran across the 10 Blocks podcast and wanted to post the podcast and my comment:


What I heard is that once again Social Justice Warriors have tried to fix a situation that isn’t broken and made things worse as a result. Marijuana use is detrimental when it is overused and overuse is very easy to accomplish, leading me to believe that legalization or even decriminalization is a bad idea. The drive to decriminalize or legalize marijuana use will do little on the political/social arena but create further damage to the fabric of society Why is there such a drive to destroy or damage the fabric of society? I really have to question the ulterior motives of the people and organizations involved in this movement. I have not even touched on the self harm that smoking marijuana may cause and am speaking only on the political level. Legalization will do little more than damage  that which holds us together, that seems to be the endgame to all this, why are we helping unknown people pulling the strings to do this? I will never support legalization and neither should you in my opinion.

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