This country is sliding into tyranny, anarchy or hot civil war and we are now in what I would call a cold civil war and I don’t know which of the three will win out in the end because civil war could lead to the first two much easier than a restoration of a free Republic. I only regret that I currently live in a nursing home with a debilitating balance issue that renders me useless to fight if a Second Civil War breaks out, it may end up as bloody or even worse than the War Between The States. These are not pleasant thoughts for a Friday night.


Professor Thomas Sowell said it is dangerous to let people make decisions when they are immune from the consequences. That describes the school board in Baltimore, Maryland as well as other Maryland politicians. Their self-serving political decisions will get out kids hurt and killed. When that happens, these politicians will blame us and demand more political control over our lives. They will probably be re-elected after their policies fail.

I say this because the Baltimore School Board voted unanimously to disarm law enforcement officers on school grounds. That makes the officers easier victims for gang attacks. It leaves all the students at greater risk. It also lets Maryland politicians signal their virtue as they throw hate on cops.

I suspect the school board in Baltimore has already acted like the notorious school board in Parkland, Florida. I suspect they refused to prosecute and remove violent students. I know the Parkland…

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