The title of this post is the title of the article posted and linked to below and what you are about to read will make more sense if you read the post from the Slow Facts Blog first. He has written a good piece and I posted a comment to his post and want to expand on what I said in my comment.

The publicity may play a part in what has created the mass murderer/school shooter  and you have given a pretty good argument for your cause and I think you have a partial answer, but only a partial one. The larger part of what is missing are things like the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, I have been told it is a rarity in schools now days. The reciting of that pledge as well as the singing of the National Anthem helped me grow a love for this country, are kids being given a love for this country in school today? I am amazed to read that it is now possible to graduate from college with a bachelors degree and never have taken an American History class in your life. I read this in an online article written by a parent amazed at his child’s non-exposure to American history. I am afraid I do not have a citation for this article since I found it unbelievable upon first reading and had to read it several times to verify my understanding of what was being said at the time.

The onslaught against religion and morality in the public square is well known and documented by by the MSM. Do I have to talk about the other entertainment outlets discharging(as in sewer) filth into society? What passes for music is far more explicit than what was allowed in even the earlier years of my life. These things as well as many others were and are the fabric that holds society together, this fabric has been under attack by the political left for most of the last fifty years and the attacks are increasing with smaller and smaller amounts of time passing between attacks. Why do many on the right as well as the left attack this Republic and the principles it was founded upon for a globalist or socialist agenda that has never been shown to work better than the Capitalist Republic we had in the past?

In closing I cannot imagine a healthy society where a mother considers it a right to be able to kill her own offspring, yet that is considered by some to actually be healthcare! I am of the opinion that the young people of today don’t value life very highly because they have not lived enough of life to realize just how precious a thing it is and the older folks do a very poor job of showing them. How high a price can you set when it can be destroyed for the price of an abortion and we spend time in our schools teaching them to be pro-choice, that they only exist because their parents allowed them to continue existing and being able to snuff out the life of their children is a positive thing? What kind of self-worth are we giving them in that situation? We need to start repairing the fabric of society while we still have a society to repair, it will be to late when the socialist/globalist’s have already taken over. VOTE! while you still can vote for a non-socialist or globalist candidate.


I’m a consumer of news just like you are. After each mass murder, the news media shouts that attacks on our schools and churches are a growing epidemic. “Experts” appear on the news and tell us to turn in our guns to make America safer. Once we read past the headlines, then we can see that the media might not be interested in the truth. We are building mass murderers here in the US, and the news media is complicit in killing our kids.

It is easy to blame guns, but that doesn’t explain why we have mass murder today. Guns were far easier to get 50 years ago. They were also far more common. You could buy a gun at a gas station or at a hardware store back then. Children, even kids in New York City, brought their guns to school,..yet we didn’t see mass murder like we…

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