I write this because of the absurdity of considering the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for the Nobel Peace Prize. I cannot fathom how such a violent, hate filled and unreasonable group can even be spoken of in the same sentence except as a contrast to the peace prize. When I read that someone in the Norwegian Parliament had nominated them I wondered how they could even explain the logic of such a move? I soon found out. In the interests of full disclosure I am an American of a more right wing and conservative viewpoint so have a hard time understanding the logic of the European Left. I will quote from Bjørnar Moxnes press release:

As a member of the Norwegian parliament, I proudly use my authority as an elected official to nominate the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nominating the BDS movement for this recognition is perfectly in line with the principles I and my party hold very dear. Like the BDS movement, we are fully committed to stopping an ascendant, racist and right-wing politics sweeping too much of our world, and securing freedom, justice and equality for all people. . . .

Where should I start in refuting what he says? I don’t disagree with the fact that as a member of the Norwegian Parliament he can nominate them or that it may be in line with his principles to do so, but from there we disagree completely.

That Israel is a growing and thriving democracy but how can you call Israel racist? The BDS movement is comprised of people who refuse to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist! I don’t think you can be anymore racist then that! I can speak to and discuss the politics of the left and do not simply dismiss them due to that fact until you get to the extreme left but again, in the interests of full disclosure I don’t deal well with the ideas of the far right either. I would consider myself far right centerist. I am deeply concerned about the legitimacy that would be given to the BDS movement by this award. The fact that he opposes something simply because it is right-wing is telling about his politics. I want to just comment about the last part of what I quoted by asking a question. How can you talk about seeking “freedom, justice and equality” if you refuse to acknowledge your opponents right to exist? This doesn’t seem very equal to me! I don’t think their is much justice in their position either. I am not welded to the idea of a two state solution unless both sides are committed to the safety and security of each other and right now I don’t think either side will really commit to that situation.

I ask that you go to the web site of an organization called United With Israel and go to there Calls To Action page and read more about this situation and make your voice be heard with theirs and hopefully many others. Trust me on this, NO true Christian believer wants to take the Holy Land from the Jewish People, they are G-ds Chosen People and that has not and will not ever change. Jesus Christ was a Jew and he was arrested after observing Passover. The Early people in the Christian Church still worshiped in the synagogues. I am just a simple believer and have no fancy theological degrees but do know deep in my heart that Israel is the land of the Jewish people and NO ONE should be trying to take it away from them. How much do I believe it you ask? If I wasn’t 58 years old and didn’t have a moderate to severe disability I would join the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to fight for Israel. I do know that I can write and speak and will do so as long as I can to help both the Jewish people and the Nation Of Israel, who are so closely intertwined that is probably more correct to speak of them as halves of one thing. That is my view of the situation.


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