This is a very good article on the bill to create national reciprocity, an idea that on it’s face should be completely unnecessary, why isn’t a concealed carry permit treated exactly like a drivers license? I understand that would be anathema to states like New Jersey or Maryland, but they are exactly the states making it necessary by their complete unwillingness to issue permits to residents.

I hope that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell can find it in their hearts to pass this bill.
Their unwillingness to pass any legislation that might advance the agenda of President Trump should anger any freedom loving American. President Trump has been fighting a two front war since he took office with the Democrats on one side and the GOP establishment (GOPe hereinafter) on the other. In the case of a RINO like John McCain he should be listed on the same side as the Democrats. This has created a situation where GOPe candidates like Luther Strange get primaried by better candidates like Judge Roy Moore, God Bless Him. I am hopeful that many Republican GOPe candidates get treated just like Luther Strange and the message is loud and clear that Senators or the Representatives in the House that will not support the President won’t be supported anywhere else!

The current GOPe leadership is seems to be unwilling to stop the advance of the progressive globalist state. This enrages me because it seems that the party has globalist dreams of it’s own with cheap labor flowing across nonexistent borders and keeping profits high and real wages low. You may be wondering how this applies to the bill being discussed? I mention this only because it also brings to mind the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, another thing that the Senate has not addressed and stopped in it’s tracks. This treaty needs to stopped and consigned to the trash bin of history and national reciprocity passed! This article does a nice job of discussing the problem and if you live in Rep. Massie’s district give him a call and let him know what he needs to do, cosponsor H. R. 38 and help get it moving and then work on his Senate colleagues to vote for non-ratification of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, this would give the Congress success on two important items for freedom loving Americans! God Bless America!

In an unrelated item, I extend my deepest sympathies to the people of Las Vegas for the horrible losses that occurred yesterday from the attack. I will be praying for everyone effected by this tragedy please join me in praying for them and for America.


My friend David Cole wrote an outstanding article.  I will comment tomorrow, but I want everyone to read David’s article on national reciprocity first.  He allowed me to reprint it here. RM

Much  has  been  made  recently over Congressman Thomas Massie’s “calling out” of Speaker of the House of Representatives’ Paul Ryan refusing to move concealed carry reciprocity legislation forward. The problem is that while Congressman Massie is being publicly critical of Speaker Ryan’s inaction on reciprocity, Massie himself has yet to lend his name as a co-sponsor to H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

Introduced in the House on January 3, 2017 by Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina, H.R. 38 has languished in committee since January 12th. And while the influence of the Speaker must certainly play a part, one has to question why Massie has not…

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